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Today's Radicals Are Not the Inheritors of the Boston Tea Party

Plus, a new place for you to read my stuff!

That’s the title of my first article written for the Freemen News-Letter, which you can read here.

This previous Saturday was the 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. I’ve been thinking for a while about the difference between our founders and the radicals we see in the streets today.

One key paragraph:

The key factor separating today's would-be revolutionaries from the Founders is their ideologies—or lack thereof. Contemporary radical movements prioritize power over philosophy and political gain over advancing a coherent worldview. And while contemporary revolutionary movements fizzled or succumbed to infighting quickly after toppling their respective incumbent governments, the Founders left us an enduring republic due to the Enlightenment principles they advanced in an age of rampant power politics. The radicals of today do not share these principles. They instead share the power politics replaced by our Founders.

In lieu of having a full post from Bearly Thinking, I want to ecnourage you to read the rest here. I’m going to be writing for the Freemen News-Letter more in the coming year. So please, subscribe here if you’re interested in seeing more of this type of content from myself and other classical liberal, Freedom Conservative-types.


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