Do Not Look Away.

As hard as it might be



I had planned out what I was going to write for this post, and then the largest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust happened. It seems like writing about anything else at the moment is pointless.

The following are some stories of the men, women, and children that have been kidnapped, abused, tortured, and killed by Hamas.

These stories are disturbing, somewhat graphic, and hard to read, let alone write.

But they need to be told. And they need to be read.

As hard as it might be, I urge you: do not look away.

Hamas attacked a music festival, killing 260+

Do not look away.

Survivors reported concertgoers being kidnapped, tortured, and raped next to their dead and dying friends.

Do not look away.

A German concertgoer, Shani Louk, was kidnapped, robbed, abused, murdered, and paraded around Gaza half-naked to beaten and spat on

Do not look away.

An elderly woman’s house was broken into, terrorists took her phone, opened her Facebook app, and livestreamed her murder to her family and friends.

Do not look away.

The Kibbutz Be’eri was almost entirely destroyed, as Hamas used explosives to force families out of their homes, then gunned them down en masse/

Do not look away.

Hamas has taken unknown numbers of hostages and is threatening to record their executions as Israel retaliates.

Nearly a thousand Jews were slaughtered with many more injured, and western leftists celebrate in the name of “decolonization.”

Student groups on college campuses celebrate the attacks, blame Israel, and make campuses unsafe for Jewish students.

Politicians in America and the UN offer mealy-mouthed responses or offer their support for the very animals that perpetrated these awful attacks.

At least 11 Americans are dead from the attacks, alongside citizens of many other countries. Many more will die at the hands of Hamas, including innocent Palestinians.

When that happens, do not look away.

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